Jigsaw – “All Types Welcome”

RollingStone has published an interesting article in which they showcase Jigsaw’s “All Types Welcome” blood donation movement.

The campaign, called “All Types Welcome”, emphasizes inclusion at a time when many argue the Food and Drug Administration perpetuates social stigmas against gay and bisexual men by prohibiting them from donating blood.

In order to combat the stigma associated with gay or bisexual men donating blood, “All Types Welcome” will feature eight social media stars with large gay, bisexual and transgender fan bases – including Amanda Lepore, the transgender night life diva, and Shaun Ross an openly gay model.

The eight social media stars each pose in slightly eerie, off-kilter images as solemn nurses in line with the Saw series’ twisted reality. The national blood drive will kick off in New York City on October 5th and expand to 25 cities in subsequent weeks.

More details can be found at JigsawSaves.com.

source: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/jigsaw-movie-ads-protest-rules-restricting-lgbt-blood-donors-w505520


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