Early Reviews Indicate – “Annabelle: Creation” is a WINNER!

After the disaster The Mummy was, Annabelle: Creation is coming out a winner against early reviews.

This is music to my ears!

Screenrant has compiled various qoutes from critics.  Here are a few:

“Despite being stuck with a lame script, ‘Lights Out’ director David F. Sandberg manages to conjure some effective scares in New Line’s demon-doll prequel. […] Here, Sandberg once again plays with both lighting, composition and suspense, framing shots in such a way that we’re constantly searching the shadows for hints of movement, while drawing out scenes for maximum tension.” (Peter Debruge, Variety)

The way Sandberg utilizes the doll is extremely effective, especially during a few very clever stunt scenes that feel reminiscent of The Conjuring but are fresh enough to deliver a fun, unique thrill you don’t see coming. […] Between this and Lights Out, director David F. Sandberg is clearly one to watch. With Annabelle: Creation he manages to successfully do his own thing while still respecting a past installment.” (Perri Nemiroff ,Collider)

“Annabelle: Creation is the rare horror sequel that improves upon the original, featuring more engaging protagonists and a far less problematic ending.” (Jim Vejvoda, IGN)

source: http://screenrant.com/annabelle-2-creation-reviews-preview/


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